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The skin diagnosis program SkinX

Neatly designed user-interface will not only give your employees easy to use but also provide affection to the customers.

Also the diagnosed result by the program will provide trusty data to the customers.

Strenghthen the competitive power of your company through this wonderful skin diagnosis program, Beauty System

Model Name :Beauty System Diagnosis Program

Applicable field :
   - Cosemtic counters at Department stores
   - Cosmetic store (Cosmetic sales agent)
   - Beauty Shop
   - Skin Care Shop & Beauty Parlor
   - Cosmetic Research Lab
   - Dermatology at hospital

Effects of using diagnosis program :
   - Through the scientific evaluation of hair & scalp conditions, users can enhance the trust of customers.
   - Through the systematic and scientific customer management, users can activate the DB marketing. ( Increase in sales)
   - Through the diagnosis service, users can get regular customers.
   - Increase in sales by the satisfation of customers.
   - Increase in sales of skin care products through the diagnosis program.
   - Utilize at the various events.
   - New advertisement channel by inserting the ads in the program.

Example of inserted advertisement into the program
Inserting any kinds of ads into the program is possible. You can input text image files and even the Mpeg(motion picture expert group) files. Once the files are inputted, those are automatically registered to the screen saver system.

Customer Management
As you can see on the left side, it is possible to manage the customer systematically with this program.
By inserting photos of the customer, face and the body parts, you'll have a systematic management of the customer. You can see the changes by each day on the screen.

Concentrated Management
Each of your customer's skin will be inserted by the dates of their visits. This would help you to see the changes in their skin condition all at once.


Oil and Moisture Measurement
The program measures the oil and moisture content of the skin.

Skin Pore Measurement and Things to Input
The program measures the size of the skin pores by 160 times magnifying the picture. Also you can insert any peculiar phenomenon of the customer's skin.

Skin Flexibility Measurement
By measuring the flexibility of the skin, program diagnoses the roughness and flexibility of the skin.

Divisioned screen of the skin
The program divides the picture of the skin into 1, 2, 4 frames. This would help to diagnose the customer's skin.

Result Out-put
The program shows the result into many graphs in order to make the customer understands their skin condition. Also it will compare the customer's skin to the sample skin of same age

Result Out-put - Protecting Methods and Recommended Products
The program shows the skin protection methods according to the skin type. Also the recommended products are shown. It is possible to change those methods and recommended products.

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